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Small Giant Award promoted enterprises, are outstanding export performance, business management and sound, in the international market has great potential for development, to enhance Taiwan's competitiveness have a considerable contribution.
GMT GLOBAL INC. General Manager Chen Zhixin: to "do cattle is not afraid of plowing days," the perseverance and toughness in the traditional mold industry, the occasion of the rapid decline, the positive transformation of linear transmission components manufacturing and automation technology research and development, enhance the company added value With the productivity, and is committed to innovation through research and development and vertical integration, the development of automated system core technology, optimize the process technology, combined with multiple product development strategy, the establishment of sophisticated high quality, professional services, brand image, strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises, To provide a full range of global customers a high level of integration services.
2017 INDUSTRIAL ROBOT COMPETITION -Tuesday, June 27, 2017
based intelligent automation needs of industrial development and professional personnel training purposes