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GMT offer complete serious products, full quality assurance system, to provide standard components and customized specification items for hi precision stamping, and plastic injection molding industries.
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GMT design and produce linear motion elements serious equipped diversified functions completely applied to automotive equipments per high precision level requirements.
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GMT offer professional stamping and plastic injection molding production, and mold creation service to satisfy customer needs: shorten product development duration, and perfect production expectation and requirements.
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We offer professional metal power injection forming from small size product application evaluation, component design, mold creation, and mass production as a complete process service.
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GMT supply various machining process manufacturing service, and integrate different but relative process as a resources integration to fully support rapid trial run, mold creation, and mass production such customer needs.
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GMT Hi-frequency induction heating equipments offer various products with high value in between feature compared to pricing, which are wide application for different industries use, and satisfied, to customers with its feature and friendly interface
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