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    Taipei Int'l Industrial Automation Exhibition 2017

    21 Sep 2017

    GMT Global INC has successfully completed Taipei International Automation Exhibition, which was held 6th-9th Sept 2017. The company introduced a new technology to move one step forward with the prospect of "Intelligent Ambition, Convenient Automation- Constructing a smart automation territory to visualize and create a vision of utmost convenience in automation industries". During this trade show GMT has introduced the following:

    1.    Precision machining

    2.    AR Rotary slide module

    3.    ARH Screw type rotary table

    4.    ARB Zero backlash swivel

    5.    ARG Hollow swivel

    6.    CXC Precision slide

    7.    AMST Microscope platform

    8.    Microscope platform control display

    9.    GKA Electric industrial slide

    10.  AXG Angle measuring table, and

    11.  Transfer assembly display

     With a wonderful display of their Excellence in High-Tech Technology, it is made clear that GMT is has geared up to write a new story of Innovation in their industry.

     Keeping in mind their principal thatCustomer Satisfaction is of Prime Importance’, they also had some delighting hospitality arrangements:

    •       Tasty Feast

    •       Comfortable Sitting Arrangements

    •       Customer Related Games

    •       Free Gifts

     to name just a few!

     We are very happy to meet with the new people and their continuous support. Will see again in 2018 next exhibition.