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    ★ Minimize design:Drive volume is reduced, saving the space of wiring.
    ★ Low voltage DC input in the range of 24 ~ 48V.
    ★ Variable control mode:Pulse control mode、Communication control mode、PIO mode.
    ★ Absolute accuracy correction Error Map function:With optical scale input, corrected by laser interferometer, improving the absolute positioning accuracy.
    ★ Freedom control:Improving follow-up response and anti-interference.
    ★ 4 sets of low frequency and 4 sets of notch filter:Improving the issues of noise and vibration.

    DKM Servo Motor Driver:With 23-bit absolute encoder AC servo motor, high resolution and high positioning accuracy.

    DKL Linear Motor Driver:With linear motor and optical scale (ABZ), achieving the requirement of controlling closed loop.

    DKD DD Motor Driver:With 19-bit multi-turn absolute encoder DD motor drive, able to control multi-turn movement and position.


    ★ Standard Servomotor Driver:multiple operating and control modes.
    ★ Built-in DIO Control:the user can plan simple sequential control in advance.
    ★ 16-Set Positioning Table:the motor performs pre-set movement control through I/O.
    ★ Protection:the built-in power/circuit protection cuts off the loop as soon as it goes beyond the rated current.
    ★ 2 Sets of notch filters:improve the mechanical low-frequency resonance and increase the life span of the mechanism and the motor.


    ★ Multiple control functions
    ★ DI/DO single axis positioning function


    ★ Motor Wizard:Standard and customized linear motors.
    ★ Multiple motor types:Three-phase Ironcore , Ironless and cylindrical linear motors.
    ★ High-speed incremental optical Linear Encode:the common ABZ optical Linear Encoder supports up to 10 Mpps (after quadrupled)
    ★ Hall sensor support:the On/Off can be set. The hall sensor is used to look for the magnetic pole.
    ★ It supports the automatic magnetic pole phase angle and optical Linear Encoder direction matching.