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    Shrink Fit Machine

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    Shrink Fit Machine GIS-6000A

    ★ For Ø3-16mm cutter range.
    ★ Extra chanrge for Ø3-20mm cutter range.
    ★ Special design to finish shrink in/out during 2-15 seconds.
    ★ Two induction rings (stardard accessories) to increase heating time.
    ★ Toubleshooting built-in program, easy remove problem.
    ★ CE certification.


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    Shrink Fit Machine PRO

    ★ Up limited heating time control to protect holder quality.
    ★ Moving method by automatic and manual.
    ★ Better balanced and heavy loading by ball screw.
    ★ Mm/inch size switchable.
    ★ °F/°C switchable.
    ★ Ergonomic machine size, simple operation.
    ★ 32-bit high speed for controlling industrial processes.
    ★ Non-stackable module, save repairing time.
    ★ Foot switch (Option).
    ★ 100 memories operation history, easy repairing(Option).
    ★ CE certification.


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    Cooling System GCS-1

    ★ Cooling time in 30 seconds.
    ★ Simple design, small PCB assemblies, easy repairing.
    ★ Strong flow of sprinkler.
    ★ Universal motor,durable and easy replacement.
    ★ CE certification.


    ★ Video link