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    AYG6 - Precision - Worm & Worm Gear Drive

    ★ Guide-Crossed-roller Guide, In structure, V-groove and crossed roller acquire movement in high accuracy and capacity by linear transmission to act a high precision movement and load capacity performance.
    ★ Transmission parts-Warm & Warm Gear, It transmits through the gear and is usually used in Reducer.
    ★ Material-Aluminum Alloy

    This product pic. shows as AYG6-75VM-3PR-CD.

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    Model No.



    Mechanical Spec.

    Table Size (mm)

    60 X 60

    Travel Stroke (°)

    Upper Axis:± 8

    Lower Axis:± 6

    Upper Axis:± 6

    Lower Axis:± 5

    Drive Type

    Upper Axis:Worm & Worm Gear (Ratio 1 / 224)

    Lower Axis:Worm & Worm Gear (Ratio 1 / 292)

    Upper Axis:Worm & Worm Gear (Ratio 1 / 292)

    Lower Axis:Worm & Worm Gear (Ratio 1 / 360)


    Crossed Roller Guiding

    Stage Material / Surface Treatment

    Aluminum Alloy / Black Anodized

    Main Unit Weight (Kg)




    Accuracy Level

    P:Precision grade 

    Wiring Method 

    R:Right Wiring / L:Left Wiring

    Precision Spec.

    Resolution (Pulse) (°)

    Upper Axis:≒ 0.0032 (Full);≒ 0.0016 (Half)

    Lower Axis:≒ 0.0025 (Full);≒ 0.00125 (Half)

    Upper Axis:≒ 0.0025 (Full);≒ 0.00125 (Half)

    Lower Axis:≒ 0.002 (Full);≒ 0.001 (Half)

    Max. Speed (Full Step) (° / sec)

    Upper Axis:16

    Lower Axis:12.5

    Upper Axis:12.5

    Lower Axis:10

    Repeatability Precision (°)

    Follow each single axis precision

    Load Capacity (Kgf)


    Missed Step (°)


    Dynamic Straightness (mm)

    75 ± 0.3

    100 ± 0.3

    Dynamic Parallelism (mm)


    Electrical Spec.


    Type / Shaft Numbers

    5-phase stepper / ☐ 28 double shafts

    Brand / Model

    SANYO / SH5281-7211

    Driver Brand / Model

    Please refer to reference table


    Stage Side Connector

    15-Pin male end connetor D-SUB / 12-Pin male end connetor HRS

    Controller Side Connector

    15-Pin female end connetor D-SUB / 12-Pin female end connetor HRS (Additional options)


    Origin Sensor

    Photoelectric sensor GMT-sensor

    Limit Sensor

    Origin Approximation Sensor

    N / A

    Power Voltage

    24V ± 10%

    Control Output

    NPN open collector output under 24V 8mA

    Output Control

    Testing (sensing):output transistor OFF (closed)




    System Configuration Diagram

    ♦   For selection of the drivers preferred, please refer to the reference table or the catalogue of MotorDriver.

    ♦  All of the drivers chosed are the specification of GMT preferred. For different needs, please choose the suitable drivers according to real functional needs. 


    Axis Definition

    GMT has defined different axis as the following figuration according to the movement direction:

    Horizontal movement direction is X and Y axis.

    Vertical movement direction is Z axis.

    Movement around X, Y, Z axis is defined to α axis, β axis, and θ axis.

    Green arrows present the specified axis movement direction.


    Motordriver Reference Table