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    27 Jun 2017


    Based intelligent automation needs of industrial development and professional personnel training purposes, 
    clever Corporation and Industrial Robot Association cooperation, especially on January 8 University of Applied Sciences in Kaohsiung organized "brilliant iron Cup - the wisdom of manufacturing applications Contest" 
    contest to the wisdom of control, Multi-system integration and control, intelligent robot, virtual and practical application, precision manufacturing applications, flexible manufacturing applications, cross-cutting technology integration and intelligent sensing eight themes as the main axis.    In order to let the students find free play to play the stage, clever iron company actively in the production and management cooperation, attention to the development of talent, through this activity to recruit new blood, heritage GMT sustainable business philosophy.
     📋 2017 Industrial Robot Competition Winners:
    🎉 Champion: GMT GLOBAL INC., Chih-Hsin Chen, Wu 
    Baoru Runner-up: Gao should the spurs - Huang Zhiyao, Hong Weizhe, Cai 
    Tingyi 🎉 Jiasuo: heap high - Chen Yukai, Chen 
    Youyuan , Yang Zhenghao Jiu: Gao Xiong blacksmith - Wang Jianwen, Fan Ruijiao, Guo 
    Jiawei Creative team name award: technical high prestige name Party (Taiwan interpreter: blacksmith) 
    Thank you for participating in this event, thank you for your support for the GMT, and we'll see you next time.