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    Industrial Automation Magazine Interview

    08 Apr 2022

    We hope we can move toward smart manufacturing with Indian partners

    GMT emphasizes on vertical integration including Automation components, Industrial modules, Sub-system, Control system and other relevant products, we have ability to take care of a matter all by ourselves from design to production. We strength our competitive advantage by means of increasing our product quality and improving production process.


    GMT has ability to integrate the key components, servo control core technology and application software...etc. Therefore, we could satisfy the automation requirement for customers and provide the best solution.


    GMT insists on the vision which is to "build intelligent automation territory, and accomplish the convenient dream for industries". "Convenience" is our original intention when we are designing. Therefore, our electric control products are developed based on the user’s perspective, which are more convenient for customers. 


    India has endless business opportunities and is worth to do more development. At this moment, GMT mainly sells automation component products and our business layout is from automation components, industrial modules and solutions to meet the requirements for Indian customers. Currently, we have sales representatives which located in Mumbai and Pune, and we expected to expand our business to New Delhi in the north and Bangalore in the south in the near future. We hope we could move toward smart manufacturing with Indian partners.


    By Industrial Automation Magazine Interview

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